Montana Coaches Association and Montana Officials Association partnership

The MCA will continue our partnership with MOA (Montana Officials Association).  MOA members may become associate members of the MCA. Funds generated in this cooperative effort are used to benefit the MOA by assisting with:

  1. Expenses for online training
  2. Recruiting new MOA’s
  3. Funding programs that benefit and promote the MOA, i.e. “Respect Officials Campaign”

MHSA sports benefit from the recruiting, retaining and training of officials.

If you are actively coaching for a school or are a retired coach with at least 10 years service and MCA membership,  please join directly through Montana Coaches Association This MOA/MCA option is only for individuals who are MOA’s, and do not coach.

MOA/MCA membership cards provide admittance to most regular season MHSA sanctioned and in-state college games.  MOA members can easily recoup their membership fee with this benefit.  We believe it is a win-win situation for all involved.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please enclose an additional $35 for MCA associate membership with your MOA dues and registration.