2018 Coaches Clinic Presentation Notes

This year our presenters were given the option to provide presentation notes ahead of the conference.  The notes that we have received have been organized by sport.


Nick Walker - Coaching the QB

Andy Ryland - Andy Ryland...Coaching Kids


Larry Krystkowiak - Speaking Notes

Barry Hacker - 3s's of Shooting (page 1) - 3s's of Shooting (page 2) - How to teach the Hook Shot  -hook shot drills copy.pages

Justin Wetzel - Wetzel - BB Defensive Concepts

Eric Peterson - Peaking at the Right Time - https://tinyurl.com/yb2xyzro

Track and Field/Cross Country

Ryan Grinnell - Long Jump  - Triple Jump

John Silitti - Presentation Notes

Stacy Collins - Presentation Notes

Nick Walker - Sprint Training - Hurdle Training

Athletic Director

Jeana R. Lervick - Presentation Notes

Scott Dorsett - Dorsett - AD -NIAAA Sports Law Year-In-Review Handout (1)

Dorsett - AD - 14 Legal Duties MCA Presentation 2018

Dorsett -AD-Challenging Personality


Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine

Kylie Izzi - Presentation Slides

Anna Kaspernick and Christina Erickson - Presentation Notes - Handouts

Grant Poor - Injury Prevention


Casey Williams - Team Drills and Games for Energy and Activity - Training the Mechanics of Attacking

Iona Stookey - Basic Skills - Great Defense


Mishel Stovall - 8 Count Sheet - Game Plan - Goals Worksheet - WWC Progressions


Aaron Pohle - Speaking Notes


Greg Patton - Singles Patterns to Keep the Court Sizzling - Team Building - Doubles Patterns / Tactics / Practice - Recipe for Gourmet Doubles - Get the Practice Rocking


Don Williams - Hitting Drills - Infield Everydays - Hitting for Success


Jeff Thompson - Speaking Notes  - Sample Practice Plan

Jim Miller - Presentation Notes